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History of the Hills of Monticello

This exclusive wooded neighborhood is the vision of Jerry Nelson. It has been designed for easy access to amenities, wooded common grounds and family living.

The land for the Hills of Monticello began as 95 acres belonging to the original developers of Riss Lake (Leo Eisenberg Company, aka Parkville Development Company). The first five developers to look at the land turned it down due to the terrain. In 1988, Jerry Nelson began researching the property. The original plan involved 140-150 lots on a street from 45 Highway to Berkely with cul-de-sacs coming off of it. Not liking the potential traffic and security issues, Jerry altered the design to be a neighborhood with only one entrance. To achieve this, the home sites were laid out on the ridges of the property and one third was deeded to the Home Owners Association as wooded common ground.

In 1990 the Hills of Monticello began offering home sites. Today it is almost fully developed and offers easy access to freeways, shopping, downtown Parkville and Kansas City International Airport. It offers beautiful homes on wooded lots, historic trees, a community park and a real sense of neighborhood.

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